Anthurium foliage variegated

Anthurium foliage variegated

Plantsthai Repudiandae illo in lorem nostrum augue aut at aliquet ducimus Aliquet incididunt voluptate a unde venenatis ullamco blandit lacus, This is a massive, one of a kind, seedling sport Anthurium plant with a large root structure for support. The leaves on this beast can reach 5 to 6 feet in overall length width a width of a foot or more. This wonderful plant always seems to be in bloom. Leaves are quite rigid and upright. Here at the nursery our 20 year old mother plant has been producing an abundance of seeds for us to cultivate. Each plant has its own unique variegated pattern. This a green leaf sport of our variegated variety, some leaves may variegate with growth.

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